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Let's go to that Caribbean Cruise Vacation

A Caribbean Cruise Vacation is certainly somewhere on top of the list when it comes to dream vacations. This is because the Caribbean offers the perfect hideaway if you want to spend time alone and away from the bustle of the metropolis or to spend quality time with family and friends. The Caribbean is very popular all over the world that some countries have local terms for the place and there are many stories on how the term Caribbean came to be. The Spanish people refer to is as Caribe, the French Caraibe and the Dutch Cariben.

The Caribbean is named after the Caribbean Sea, the sea enclosed by the now famous islands surrounding it. The word Caribbean is from the word Caribs that was one of the dominant Amerindian groups during the 15th century European contact. Some also refer to it as the West Indies and that came from Christopher Columbus who once thought that he landed in the south or east of Asia when in truth he was already in the Americas. As for Spanish explorers, they assign the generic term Antillas to lands that are recently discovered that is where the Sea of the Antilles, Caibbean Sea in various European languages, was derived.

Why is it best to go on a cruise when you want to really enjoy the Caribbean? A Caribbean Cruise vacation is ideal because you are not just focused or contained on one island. There is no way you would want to get stuck on one island when there are over a thousand islands to choose from and all of these islands have unique offerings you cannot miss. By opting for a cruise, one gets to taste a bit of as much of the islands as possible and stop for a longer period of time on the major islands where the hottest happenings take place. A cruise also enables you to see the people enjoying at the shore – picture perfect views so prepare to take a lot of snapshots - while you enjoy onboard the amenities of the cruise.

If you already decided with the Caribbean Cruise Vacation, let us help you decide on which are the best islands to stopover. Bahamas should of course be on the list because who does not love the beaches of Bahamas and the unique blend of the European and African culture. Enjoy a day lounging at the beach while taking a sip of the best piña colada.

The phenomenal hit show Friends made Barbados famous so get a feel of their adventure by staying a day or two at this island that gives off the tropical England feel. Barbados is also known worldwide for cricket. No one should stop you from experiencing the Jamaica. There is nothing like grooving to reggae music and giving tribute to the Rastafarian movement in the place where it all began.

So what are you waiting for? Check your calendar and block the days you are free, plan with your friends or family and run to your nearest travel agent's office and sign up for that Caribbean Cruise Vacation you will never ever forget. You can read this article again for some tips but do not just stop there, we will be waiting for your own article about your Caribbean Cruise Vacation.

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